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Year lease for a small business, medium and micro

Date: 04/11/2011 09:54 -(GMT+7)
Government yesterday agreed to extend income tax for small businesses, medium and micro within a year, at the request of the Ministry of Finance.

Morning 08-05-2011 at Hang Bai ward People's Committee, Women's Club board of corporate Hang Bai ward, Hoan Kiem District held a solemn ceremony, intimate to commemorate its founding 04 (10-04 - 2007 - 10-04-2011) and review activities in 2010 and proposed operation plan in 2011.

The ceremony with the participation of Ms. Mai Thi Thuy - Chairman of the Women's Small and Medium Enterprises in Hanoi, Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha - Vice Chairman, and Ms. Nguyen My Linh - representatives of the Women's Union Hoan Kiem Tran Tuan Thanh - Secretary of Party Committee, Nguyen Mai Huong - Chairman WU and representatives of the departments of the 60th Ward Club members meet on the east.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien - Club Chairman reports on activities in 2010, stressed the club had many meaningful activities, members get the benefit of the center and towards the community as:

- Club members organized tour, tourism of the year, to communicate with businesses in Vinh Phuc, attend the conference at the Center for Women and Women Development Association NVV Hanoi enterprises held.

- The club has many meaningful activities such as charitable gifts, visited young patients at Vietnam-Germany hospital, caring for the spiritual life for women and children on the ward: given birthday gifts to members, gifts for children's day .. Autumn and 01-06, offering flowers at the monument to fallen heroes .. to attend the meeting at Ba Dinh Square in celebration thousand days year. In particular club has actively participated in the activities of the female SME Hanoi. 02 club members admitted to the customers from Bat Trang: Ngoc Thanh Cloud and Cloud.

Work Plan in 2011, all members clubs unite together to strive for these goals:

- Continue to organize many activities, listening, caring, caring to the thoughts, feelings of members, accept more new members.

- To organize training programs and exchange .. to enhance knowledge and capacity for its members in business and enterprise management.

- Participate in activities meaningful charities, community support.

         Ms. Mai Thi Thuy-chairman of the Hanoi Women's SMEs and representatives of the ward leaders praised performance in the past year the club's women entrepreneurs Ward and wish the club board of many forms of innovation activities actively organizing training courses, training, consultation, exchange of trade promotion trip, learn .. promote multiple images, the product of the member companies on the Web, e-commerce portal of the Association, on an efficient operation, bringing many benefits to members and attract more members to participate work.

          Ms. Nguyen Thu Hien behalf of nearly 100 members of the club promised commitment, extra effort in activities, enlist the support of all levels and sectors to make the club more sustainable development.

          Session to review its success in the heart of the guests and all members good impression, deep memories, portrayed particularly vivid portrait business woman Hang Bai ward, "united, dynamic and creative. "

Văn phòng hội: Phòng 1004 - Tầng 10 - Tòa nhà D - Khách sạn thể thao Hacinco, Phố Lê Văn Thiêm, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
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