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Date: 23/05/2012 11:13 -(GMT+7)
Trade Promotion and International Intergration Fair August-2012


                              Hanoi, March 16, 2012
-  Name of the Fair:    "TRADE PROMOTION AND
-  Implement Units 
      In Coordination with:
-   Funded by :
The Embassy of The Republic of Finland in Vietnam
 -  The main subjects of the Fair:
promotion - trade -  connect business
-  Time:    August 23 - August 27, 2012
- Venue: Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre, 148 Giang Vo st., Hanoi
- Opening Ceremony:  8.30 am on Thursday, August 23th ,2012
-  Closing Ceremony:  17.00 pm on Monday, August 27th ,2012
- Working hours:   From 8.30 am to 8.00 pm
1. Objectives:
"Trade Promotion and International Integration Fair 2012"
focuses on introduction of  potential capacity on trading, tourism and modern technology of domestic and foreign investors  in the industrial zones, traditional villages  in Vietnam.
2. Requirements:
Activities of "Trade Promotion and International Integration Fair 2012",which will become the main event of businessmen, people in local and the masses,  will  express the spirit of communication and active economic integration in Vietnam
Requirement  of"Trade Promotion and International Integration Fair 2012" are to bring into play the nation's traditions, reflecting the high professional organization; to maximum mobilization   the response  of  the participating units: domestic and foreign  enterprises, economic organizations in Vietnam;  safe and security, efficient savings.
3. The scale and activities of the fair
3.1.  Scale:There will be  250 booths with about 200 domestic and international companies and organizations in estimation.
3.2.  Organization and Coordination Agencies:
 - Funding Units:   The embassy of the Republic of Finland in Vietnam.
 - Sponsor:  Trade and Industry Ministry, Hanoi People's Committee, Trade Promotion Department, Hanoi Trade and Industry Department
- Organization and Coordination Agencies:
       + Hanoi Women Association of Small and Medium Enterprise.
               +   Vietnam International Exhibition fair Joint stock CompanyVINEXPO
 - Coordination Agencies: Association of Enterprises in others province and Hanoi, International Associations, the Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam, foreign companies, and others funding units.
  - Media Sponsor: Vietnam Digital Television VTC,  media.
3.3. Participants and product display
- Participants: Organizations, emterprises in all kind of sectors in economics which have good capacity and reputation, qualified products, especially the exporters, suppliers for foreign countries in other provinces.
3.4. Display main areas: A1 Hall
- Display area for introdution, trade promotion of Vietnamese associations and companies;
- Display area of interior, fine art and handicrafts, traditional villages' products.
- Display area of introduction of the Embassies, foreign associations and companies.
3.5. The activities of the fair: 
- Conference : in two topics:
+  Enchancement for domestic trade (expected  100 persons)
+ Domestic and International Trade promotion Conference. (expected 120 persons take part)
4.  Prepairment
4.1. Set up the Organization Board
4.2. Organization board's meeting, set up teams to charge the specific missions.
4.3. Conference "Information - Launching the Fair 2012" will be held on March 16th, 2012 in Hanoi.
4.4.  No later than 20 days before the opening ceremony: the signing with companies, units, associations taking part in the fair would be completed, the list of participants will be completed.
4.5. From June - 2012 to no later than 20 days before the opening ceremony: banners, pano, welcoming hoàn thành in ấn và gia công các loại bandzon, biển bảng, pano, cổng chào phục vụ hội chợ.
4.6. From July to the opening ceremony: advertisement, promotion, PR for the fair via media, newspaper, Hanoi television HTV, VTV1 television channel
4.7. In July, August - 2012 : Organization Board will apply for Permission of Culture, Sport and Tourism Department.
4.8. No later than 20 days before the opening ceremony: conduction of hanging banners in Hanoi and nearby areas.
4.9. No later than 03 days before the opening ceremony: handover and checking the Hall in Giang Vo Exhibition and Fair Center;
4.10. No later than 03 days before the opening ceremony: arranged booths and   build the stage layout and overall decoration of fairs are completed
- Handover booths to participants.
4.11. From August 22nd to 27th  2012: The Fair is open for visitors.
4.12. The opening ceremony of "Trade Promotion and International Integration Fair 2012" are held at 8.30 am on Thursday, August 23rd , 2012.
4.13. The closing ceremony of "Trade Promotion and International Integration Fair 2012" are held at 17.30 on Monday, August 27rd , 2012 for commendation, summary activities.
4.14. The description of a standard booth: 9m2 of square area, size 3m x 3m  x 2,5 m, the company name board  on their foreheads of the booth, each booth also has 01 table,  02 chairs,  01 socket, 02 neon lamps with 1.2 m length,  textile floor coverings, frames of the booths are assembled by round slotted aluminum frame, white plastic dividers . The standard  booths are nice, in accordance with International Fair Organization's standards in Vietnam.

5. Overall Decoration for the Fair
*) On the streets: 20 banners
5.1. Advertising banners: Dimensions: 1.1 meters x 9 meters, content in Vietnamese - English, printed on  high quality fabric. Contents: the name of the fair,sponsor,  venue, time, opening hours ...
- Venue: Banner hanged on the major roads, main intersections, crowded areas in the city of Hanoi and the surrounding area.
5.2. Poster: Dimensions of 0.6m x 2.4m. Contents is in Vietnamese and English by  Hi-flex farbic.  Contents: the name of the fair, logos of organization units and sponsors, funding units lô gô; venue and time, opening time..
*) Display area:
5.3. Entrances of the fair (including lighting systems)
5.4. Main Advertising Panels: 01 large panel on the top of Hall A1
Contents: the name of the fair, logos, time in Vietnamese and English by Hiflex farbic.
- Large Panels hanged over A1 hall in Vietnamese and English by Hi-flex farbic.
+ Contents: slogan of the fair, wishes,....;
+ Contents: images of Hanoi and Hanoian
- Six triangular blocks, size of  1.5 m x 4.5 m by stainless f 12  steel frame contents in Vietnam and English printed high quality on canvas.
+ Contents: the fair name, Sponsors companies, time and opening hours…
+ Place: on the way to the main gates
-Panels of maps, shedule of the fair in Vietnamese - English by Hi-flex canvas, and stainless steel frame
Place: on the both sides of the main gate
- Panels of register booths: the name of the fair, maps, shedule are printed  on Hi-flex canvas in Vietnamese and English.
5.5. Intruction sign boards
- 20 Intruction sign boards are set up along the entrances of each sector in the fair, size of  35cm x 50cm, by booth dividers
5.6. Vertical banners
- Size: 1.2m x 12m, content is in Vietnamese and English, printes on Hi-flex canvas.
- Content: names of the funding units and sponsor, names of the fair, logos, venue, time and opening hours, wishes…
- Place: vertical banners hanged in display areas.
5.7. Triangle flags - Quantity: 1,000 m , place: hanged in display areas.
5.8. Vertical colorful flags: Quantity: 150 pieces, size: 1.5m x 0.5m. Flags with four colors, are made by gloss high quality farbic. Place:hanged in display areas.…
5.9. Decorated baloons
- Quantity:Five two-meter- diameter baloons have banners size of 8m x 1.1m which are printed 04 colors and made by glossy farbic, hanged under the baloons.
6. Schedule
Main activities:
-      Opening Ceremony
8.30 am Thursday August 23rd 2012
-      Conference  “Enchance Domestic Trade”  100 person: A7 Hall
14.00 on Saturday 25th, 2012
-      Conference " Domestic and International Trade" 150 persons:  A7 Hall
14.00 on Sunday 26th, 2012
- Agreement, Memorandum Signing Ceremony  
From 9.00 am on Friday 24th 2012 to 17.00 on Monday 27th 2012
-      The closing ceremony
17.00 on Monday 27th, 2012
 Each booth of HAWASME's members will be funded for 4.000.000 VND from the Embassy of the republic of Finland in Vietnam' Fund for Local Corporation (FLC.10-03). (Foreign companies are not subject to funded)
Hanoi Women Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (HAWASME)
- Address: Room 1004- D building- Hacinco Sport Hotel, Le Van Thiem st.,Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi
- Tel: 04.3771.3243         Fax: 04.3771.1174
- Email:
Mrs Nguyen  Thu Ha – 0915.009.773
-   Vietnam International Exhibition fair Joint stock CompanyVINEXPO
Add: 13A Le Đai Hanh st., Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi;
-       Showroom: Alley1, Villa 03, Linh Dam st, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi;
-   Tel: 043.6418.956/ 641.875, Fax: 043 6418746;
-   Email:

Văn phòng hội: Phòng 1004 - Tầng 10 - Tòa nhà D - Khách sạn thể thao Hacinco, Phố Lê Văn Thiêm, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 04.3568942 - 04.5686245; Fax: 04.568513